Admiral's Choice Sauce Company
Admiral's Choice LLC
1612 Virginia Beach Blvd. Suite 102
Virginia Beach, Va. 23454

Family-owned company producing delicious condiments


2014 has been a productive and successful year for Admiral's Choice.  We have launched a new sauce "Smoky Pineapple BBQ Sauce & Marinade".  As with our Pear Chutney BBQ Sauce it is available in both original and spicy flavor.

Our biggest news is that we have now opened a retail and manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach.  We now have the ability to produce more products for both ourselves as well as new clients.  Our location offers the convienience of a retail outlet for sauces new and established.  Our New Location is located at 1612 Virginia Beach Blvd. Suite 102, Virginia Beach Va. 23454.  Why pay the high prices of a full service commercial facility.  Let us be the producers of your new or established products, not only can you help in the manufacturing of your creations, but onsite retail as well.  Contact us for more detailed information.  

Our mission with our new commercial kitchen is to oversee the production of products for the experienced and inexperienced entrepreneurs.  We hope to encourage those who have mastered thier recipes at home to utilize our commercial kitchen at a reasonable cost (compared to that of a full service commercial facility) under the guidelines of FDA and the Virginia Department Of Agriculture And Consumer Services. Therefore making their creations saleable to the public in a retail setting.

We are extremely excited about our retail shop.  Although local sauces are our mainstay, we are also offering other Virginia Talent.  We have selectively created relationships with artists, candlemakers, beekeepers, photographers, even sea salt producers from our area.  The shop will also carry one of a kind estate treasures and gift baskets.

Our goal is to provide useful information about our company that we hope will make it easier for you to do business with us.  

Admiral's Choice Sauce Company specializes in making its own Sauces "Pear Chutney, Pear Chutney BBQ Sauce, Smoky Pineapple BBQ Sauce & Marinade " - as well as other LOCAL GOURMET CREATIONS - additional products forthcoming!

Feel free to browse through our site.  If you need more information about our product or services, go to the contact us page and use one of the convenient methods to communicate with us.  

Thanks for visiting - we look forward to sharing our products with you in the future!

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